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#Snack Recommendations: Give You A Wonderful Cristal Sweet Potato Soft Candy Application Journey~

Feb 26, 2024

#Snack Recommendations: Give You A Wonderful 

Cristal Sweet Potato Soft Candy Application Journey~

A Cristal Sweet Potato Soft Candy Application from Green Fresh

which has a chewy and elastic texture and a cute shape of sweet potato, is really amazing!

This solution is made from real sweet potato. 

Therefore, it is rich in dietary fiber that benefits your health and suitable for different ages.

Cristal Sweet Potato Soft Candy Application

Product Features

·Using real sweet potato and purple potato flesh

·Suitable for a variety of consumption scene

·Cost-effective applications

·The texture is chewy and not sticky to teeth

·Can be applied to fruit and vegetable-neutral products with high flesh content

When you take a bite, its so delicious that you cant stop eating it.

At the same time, this is a nutritious and healthy snack alternative.

More applications are waiting for your enquiry!

Welcome to contact us~  

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