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Matcha & Meat aroma, good news of matcha-lovers is coming

Nov 20, 2023

Matcha & Meat aroma, 

good news of matcha-lovers is coming

Do you know that? The Matcha & Meat Dream collaboration is here! Greenfresh brings you a different creative combination: the matcha series of meat product applications!

Integrate the aroma of matcha tea into the meat, a mouthful of juicy meat with a hint of tea aroma blooms on your taste buds~

Matcha bakemeat

Product Features

·obvious grainy meat texture

·increase elasticity and toughness

·fresh aroma to cleanse the palate


Matcha sausage

Product Features

·matcha aroma

·strong juiciness

·cleanse your palate

·with good meaty texture


Matcha + meat products = (?)

Equivalent to the matcha series of meat product applications developed by Greenfresh!

The clean and refreshing aroma with sweet after taste of matcha tea, paired with high fat content meat paste, achieve todays delicious goal~


        Greenfresh is always guided by customer needs. We focus on providing customers with professional and comprehensive customized application solutions. Meanwhile, we continue to create value for customers and join hands with them. 

        Welcome all of our customers to contact us!

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